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Simply Vanilla loves vanilla ice cream the most! Her outfit is clean and bright just like her favorite flavor! She's styled in a groovy little one piece dress, that has the classically mod A-Line shape.

The bold accent colors of vanilla white, dark blue, and light blue color blocks are set off with her vividly, wild yellow tights! She's like a modern painting in this cool and structured look. Her hot accessories are clean and bold, too! Check out her round gradient earrings and blue shoes. Simply Vanilla's chic platinum white hair is set in a fun bouncy bob with bangs. Watch it move and groove as she dances the night away! Let's not forget her makeup! She wears cool powder blue eye shadow and has blushy pink lips and cheeks!

Kasvotyyppi: FBL
Iho: luonnollinen (natural)
Meikki: luomiväri/vaaleansininen, huulipuna/vaaleanpunainen, poskipuna/vaaleanpunainen
Silmien väri: sininen (vasemmalle), vihreä (oikealle), vaaleanpunainen (eteen), oranssi (eteen)
Hiusten väri: platinan valkoinen

Setin sisältö:
Nukke, paita, mekko, sukkahousut, kengät, alushousut, korvakorut ja ständi.

15. lokakuuta 2010

110,oo €